About the Journal

This journal promotes poetic creativity, rather than elaborate studies.

The authors of the Poetics of the Icon tend to overcome the didactic, decorative, religious, and emotional function of art and reach the revelatory, apocalyptic truth.

  • Learn how to create a synthesis of iconographical topics and liturgical practice of the Church!
  • Feel invited to re-encounter the icon poetically!
  • Look at history as “iconic” ontology!
  • Find out about the surrealist elements in Byzantine painting!
  • Experience a new, fresh, and personalized approach to Iconography!

Chief editor: Bishop Maxim (Vasiljevic)
Members: Stamatis Skliris, George Kordis, Vladimir Acimovic (Belgrade), Demetrios Kyriazes (psychiatrist, Athens) Herman Andrew Middleton (translations, S. Carolina), Denis Vikic (design, Vrnjacka Banja), Dionysus Skliris (theological articles, Athens)