Fertile Roots Ideas Vol. 1 (Autumn) 2017

Saint Panteleimon, egg-tempera on board

In a fiery landscape with upset clouds because of an earthquake, fire and epidemics, a young doctor struggles to resist evil with his weak powers.

His hair shudder, his eyes stare with inexorable compassion on the patients he supposed to face before him, in his hands holding his organs of art (coil and medicine box).

On the left, the snake is reminiscent of the risk of illness, but also the hope of medical pharmaceutical care. On the right, an ambulance climbs on his shoulder.

The image attempts an actualization of the saint (medical blouse, ambulance, frizzy hair) and designation of holiness through the coolness of the sight before the destruction, which he faces with the calm gaze that the deep faith gives to a young doctor. Here, the poetical is the treatment of the clouds, the upset hair, and the halo, as well as the ambulance … which is attached to the shirts of Saint Panteleimon. The work is characterized by a strong expressionist character.

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